Monday, October 21, 2013


We are all guilty of going through the day to day life with the same perspective each time we do something. Going to school and feeling as though the people around you don't matter because they don't personally affect your life, feelings or thoughts. Driving home or to your job and getting frustrated by the traffic and stupid drivers around you wasting your precious time. Going through the motions of day to day life with your mind on its default settings of irritation, aggravation, annoyance, confusion and looking past the little things or stopping to think about what really matters. But you can change that, turn your default settings to appreciation, understanding and thoughtfulness. Take a second out of your life when your irritated with your peers, parents, siblings or friends to think about why they're irritating/annoying/aggravating you and if it's really worth getting upset about. Since you already know all about the bad day you've been having and how the situation you're in right now is only making it worse, instead try to focus on the day the other person in the situation has been having and why it is they're acting the way they are. Maybe a family member of theirs just got into an almost fatal car accident and so even talking to you is an ordeal in itself. Maybe they got in a huge fight with there significant other and just want to go home and sleep the rest of the day away. There's endless possibilities as to why the people around you act the way they do, and before you react to the way they're treating you, think about why they could be acting that way and have sympathy for their bad mood, bad day, bad week, or maybe even just the horrible year they've had. You can't change their thoughts or actions, so don't try. But you can chose the way you think and act, so chose carefully the way you think about any situation you're placed in. Don't fall back on your default settings because they're easy and what you're used to, challenge yourself. If you truly try to understand a situation or person from every point of view, your understanding of that situation or person will drastically change from what it was when you were relying your default settings to tell you what to say, think or how to act. Change your perspective and it could easily change your life.

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